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Student Postcards follows the journey of four students from Asia and the Pacific who have moved to Australia to live and study.

We take a look at what daily life is like for these students as they integrate into a new country and culture.

As these students send their ‘postcard’ home about their experiences, we find out what they have observed about what Australia has to offer and the differences they have found in lifestyle, culture and values.

Student Postcards
Aussie Postcards
Aussie Postcards is a series of profiles that offer a unique insight into Australian lifestyle, culture and values.
Student Postcards
Student Postcards takes a close-up look at what daily life is like for migrant students from the Asia Pacific who have relocated to Australia.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
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Emerald Falls
When kindergarten teacher and single mother Joni Ferguson (Georgie Parker) decides life is too short to play safe, she buys an almost derelict bed and breakfast in the Blue Mountains and moves with her 15 year old son, Zac to their new life.