Sahil Balotra
Deakin University

Sahil Balotra
Sahil Balotra relocated from Punjab in the North of India to study Biotechnology at Deakin University in Melbourne.  Sahil is based at the Geelong campus and lives with fellow students in Melbourne. Sahil found his arrival in Australia three months ago a huge cultural shock but is enjoying adapting and integrating into the Aussie way of life.  He has found that visits to pubs with his friends have given him an interesting insight.

A keen cricketer, Sahil has joined the local University cricket team and is enjoying the quality of Australian pitches – although he finds that the Aussies aren’t such good sportsmen!
As part of his course Sahil is researching potential cures for cancer and hopes to gain work experience in Australia before returning to his home country India.

One thing that Sahil particularly enjoys about Australia is how multicultural the society is.  He is able to visit the Hare Krishna Temple in Melbourne and practice his faith whilst still integrating into Australian culture.

Sahil’s work as a pizza delivery boy has given him independence and a sense of responsibility.  He is happy that he doesn’t have to rely on money from his parents and has learnt to balance his study, work and leisure time.

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