Hsiang-Yun Chou
Monash University

Hsiang-Yun Chou
Hsiang-Yun Chou’s family are from Taiwan but she was born and raised in Singapore. Four years ago Yun relocated to Melbourne to study Early Childhood Education at Monash University. Yun is based at the University’s Peninsula Campus and lives in Frankston.

She loves the fact that she is close to both the beach and the countryside to subut also has easy access to the city. Yun’s first impressions of Australian life were that people work at a slower and much more relaxed pace than in Asia. She was also amazed at how much space there is, she doesn’t feel as “cramped” as she did back in Singapore.

Yun’s course means that she works with a variety of ages of children. To supplement her University work Yun has also taken on a number of roles in the local community.

As a volunteer at Frankston Hospital, Yun carries out play therapy with young patients every week helping to brighten their day. In her spare time Yun likes to explore the countryside around Victoria and enjoys relaxing at the beach. She is enjoying her time in Australia so much that she has applied for permanent residency.

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