Hsiang-Yun Chou
Monash University

Hsiang-Yun Chou
Andres Tham was born in Canada but raised in Hong Kong, or ‘Honkers’ as he affectionately refers to it. He moved to Perth to study Aviation at Edith Cowan University to follow his dreams of becoming a pilot. Andres considered Canada but chose Perth as he believes that they have the best weather conditions for flying.

Andres finds flying a relaxing experience and enjoys the practical side of his course. Filling in his log book gives him a real sense of progress towards gaining his ‘ECU Wings’ and a private licence which will enable him to take passengers. He looks forward to doing trips across Australia with his friends.

Andres loves the laid back Aussie lifestyle and the friendliness of the people. However he finds that this sometimes makes it hard to get work done! Andres takes part in many social activities with his University friends, including breakdancing and playing pool. He also enjoys visiting some of the attractions around Perth including the Aquarium and aviation museum.

Andres loves the Australian people and says that the friends he has made here will be “friends for life.”

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