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Passport to English: Astari
What is Part 1?
Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Test consists of a series of short questions, and short responses are required. There are few opportunities in this part of the speaking test to develop or extend the topics. The assessor will keep the conversation moving.

Part 1 is aimed at candidates with limited English - perhaps around IELTS 4.0. Most candidates should be able to cope with questions in Part 1. Questions are on familiar topics such as education, family, work, living, interests and lifestyle. Questions are short and the structure of the questions is simple.

Part 1 is also designed to help the candidate relax.

What is Part 2?
In Part 2, the candidate is given a card outlining what to talk about. The candidate is given a pencil and paper and some time to think and make notes.

Part 2, the long turn or individual talk, provides an opportunity for the candidate to deliver a long, uninterrupted response. The candidate is expected to demonstrate an ability to construct a long sample of English. The assessor will be listening in particular for the candidate's fluency, coherence, range of structures, pronunciation and vocabulary.

What is Part 3?
Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test returns to the question/answer format of Part 1, but the questions are longer and the answers should be longer. The assessor prompts and leads the candidate with a series of questions on the topic of the long turn (Part 2). The assessor is still in control, but must allow the candidate to produce longer utterances or discuss the questions.

In Part 1 of the Speaking Test questions cannot be changed or re-worded. In Part 3 there is more flexibility. If the candidate does not understand a word in the question, or the question itself, it is possible to ask for repetition or clarification.

Astari - Download List
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Astari, 28, is from Indonesia. She is hoping to pursue an arts career, but in the meantime she is working in casual jobs ranging from fruit picking to cleaning. She also teaches Indonesian language as a volunteer. She loves the theatre, travelling, meeting people and learning their culture.

Astari can also be seen in episodes of This Australian Life.

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