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Episode 38


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In this episode of Pacific Pulse, Tania Nugent is at the Cook Islands' Murri Lagoon for all the rivalry and excitement of the va'a regatta, the only traditional sport at the Pacific Mini Games. The sport is experiencing a revival throughout the islands, where racing the Polynesian-style outrigger canoe is increasingly popular. The sport is also capturing world attention through the International Va'a Federation, with va'a clubs on almost every continent. The upbeat pace continues on stage in Melbourne as Solomon Islands' most famous pan pipers take the stage at the Australasian World Music Expo. The Narasirato Pan Pipers are from the remote Oterama community, accessible only by canoe, on the island of Malaita in Solomon Islands yet they have performed from Japan to England, from Malaysia to Vanuatu, Taipei to Canada, in New Zealand and Bahrain. Wherever they go, their blend of traditional Are'are music and contemporary influences are a hit with international audiences.

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