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Narasirato Pan Pipers

December 8, 2010


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Clement Paligaru: They're performed from Japan to England, from Malaysia to Canada, in Taipei and Bahrain.
They're the Narasirato Pan Pipers from the remote Oterama community - on the island of Malaita in Solomon Islands.
Wherever they go they're a hit with international audiences, including here in Melbourne at the Australasian World Music Expo.

Donation Manu'asi - Lead pan piper: Our next number's called ow. Can you say ow?
Audience: Ow.
Donation Manu'asi: Perfect.
Audience: (Laughs)
Donation Manu'asi: Translated it means white heron. It's a bird, it has a long neck.
Graphic: At home there are more than 50 musicians in the group.
Donation Manu'asi: We are seven of us here at the moment - it is our challenge because this is the first time we have 7 members in our group.
Charles Maimarosia - Lead vocalist: All of us know how to play all the instruments, A to Z.
We really feel proud of you because you are here.
Donation Manu'asi: We're trying to revive our culture and preserve it as well. That is why we're here.
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