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Episode 30


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In this episode of Pacific Pulse, Tania is at the Pacific's biggest music festival, Fest' Napuan in Vanuatu, where the Spice Islands are in the spotlight. The band Mena Muria is from the Maluku Islands between East Timor and the Indonesian province of Papua but its members live in exile in the Netherlands, where they use their music to spread the message of the islands' struggle for independence from Indonesia. And we meet artist Lisa Hilli at her Just Like Home exhibition in Adelaide before it travels around Australia. Lisa explores her Papua New Guinean and Australian heritage, questions of assimilation and cultural adaptation with a celebration of her Mum's cooking and the influence of Tolais tradition, from Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. Lisa pays tribute to her Mum's influence and prepares a feast with her Mum for members of the public to share.

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