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What are you passionate about?

Woman 1: I'm a person who stands up and...and... ..and see, if it's wrong, I'll speak up and say, "This is wrong." Because I am the Government. The people is (sic) the Government. The people should stand up and say, "This is wrong." And the people has (sic) got a right to veto any bad laws.

Woman 2: I hate when the train is, like, a minute late, 'cause I'm scheduled to get on the train at this time, and then it's a minute late - it just bugs me.

Woman 3: Teaching. I love talking about what I love. I love history, so I'll be a history teacher. And I just love children. I love kids. I love teenagers. And, yeah, we work well together.

Woman 4: I really hate four-wheel drives. And as I said that, I looked up and saw one just driving past. Because, I don't know, they're a bit unnecessary in the city, and that really gets me a bit angry.

Woman 5: I'm passionate about the art gallery. I love the art gallery, and I come in very often to do that.

Woman 6: I'm really passionate about my artwork and...

Man 1: The best feeling in the world is when a little child like this gives you a hug, so that's my thing, so...

Man 2: The stuff that gets my blood going is really stuff... work-related. You know... Because of our industry, we see a lot of very unwell people, and depending on how well people do their job can make a big difference to their outcomes, you know, so a lot of people in our profession are sort of money-orientated, not necessarily health-orientated. And that irritates me quite a bit. Not too afraid to say so either.
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