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Hi, my name is Mei and I'm studying a double degree in medical bioscience and biotechnology.

When I came out here, it was like totally a shock for me because of the place in Brunei that I stayed in, it's actually a very small place. There's not a lot of people. Even this district that I stayed in is, like, less than 10,000 people. Those people who are staying in the city area often thought that the place that I stayed in don't have water or electricity. The way how we term it in Malay is 'kampong'. Like a very... Kampong. Very... Village, secluded area. They thought we stay in tree houses and stuff like that! So it's pretty funny that they don't know about their own district or think that it's some kind of a wild place or something. So it's like a very big change from moving from a small place to a big city area, so I was a bit disorientated.

Actually I don't know anything about Australia that much. I'd just seen, like, on TV - travel guides. Because I'd always been wanting to go to Australia and experience the culture there. Australia give me... It's like a friendly place. They have a lot of international students there.

It's quite a bit different, I guess, in Australia. Students, they know how to... ..split their time between studying and playing. Sometimes I find that they're actually playing more than studying, but it's good for me. Yes, in Malaysia, it's like maybe they prefer to study more. They are more studious type. It's like a shock for me because when I went there, the students actually called their lecturer by their first name. It's like they are very friendly with them.

I missed my family when I was there. Yeah, definitely I did miss my family. And I kind of missed the food in Malaysia when I was in Australia! Yeah!

I experienced the culture there, I got to travel, and the best thing is to get to meet new friends. I really enjoyed myself there.

We wanted to explore Australia, so we booked together an organised trip. Like, me and my friend, during the break, the mid-semester break, we actually drove to the Great Ocean Road down south. We planned everything, booked a car and booked our own accommodation and did our travelling and looked at maps and stuff like that just to get our way around. I remember it because it teaches us how to plan and to be independent because we have to plan all the stuff ourself.

From a shy...not very... quiet girl, to who I am now. So I tend to become a bit more independent by when I am over in Australia. It's like, hmm... I have to do a lot of things myself. I see things more widely, in a sense, that I don't take... ..that my own way of thinking is not the only way of thinking. There are different kinds of views that we can actually look into certain things. You wouldn't see me talking to you like this a year back. It's like...make me more outspoken, in a sense, because I used to be very shy and quiet. So it's all been a positive development, yeah.

I plan to work overseas after I graduate. I don't think I will find work in Malaysia. I'll probably go overseas and enjoy myself, like, the overseas life, yeah. Get more, like, culture, thinking, experience new things.

If I have a chance I would prefer to go back there because I enjoyed my stay there very much. It's a very enjoyable experience for me. I didn't regret making that decision. It's one of the best decisions I ever made.
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