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Anna: My name's Anna. I'm the sales manager here at AJ Hackett. We've got a beautiful bungy site in the middle of the rainforest about 20 minutes north of Cairns in Queensland.

Bungy jumping concept started on the Pentecost Islands (sic) hundreds of years ago. AJ Hackett saw a documentary about this with one of his friends - thought they'd start experimenting. Then he jumped off the Eiffel Tower which brought bungy jumping to media attention all over the world, which is obviously quite successful because 20 years on we've got this fantastic site in Cairns as well as AJ Hackett sites all around the world with different gravity related experiences.

It's a bit of a misconception that people think to bungy jump you have to be between the ages of 18 and 35 and have a chip missing out of your head. That's totally not the case. 10 years is actually the minimum jump age and we get lots of 10 year olds out. People think that's a bit wierd but when you think about when you're a child you have no limits really. We also have heaps of older people come out and jump. We have a local who's 74 and he comes out and does a jump every week. So it just goes to show that it comes down to the personality, not necessarily the age. But also people who just want to push themselves again and also people that just love and chase excitement and adrenelin. People bungy jump for loads of different reasons but the main one is to push theirself (sic), their personal fear boundary where you'd usually stop and rethink your decisions. You just push past that and because of that reason you get the biggest rush. You're gonna be really scared when you get to the edge and that's perfectly natural. I've done heaps of jumps and I still get scared but that's the beauty of bungy jumping. You take that fear and you turn it around to make yourself feel absolutely fantastic afterwards. It'll be one of the best feelings of your life and it's a huge sense of self accomplishment.

Peta Astbury: My name's Peta and I'm just about to do a bungy jump and I'm a little bit worried and nervous but I think I'll be OK. The reasons why I want to do the jump today is to know that I can push the boundaries and do something that I've never done before and come back the other side OK and still alright. I kind of like a little bit of adventure in my life as well, so yeah.

Anna: Outside here - the AJ Hackett Cairns site - is the only bungy site in the world with a jump menu, which means that we have 16 different jump styles that we offer our customers, starting with the traditional forward swan dive and we've got 15 others including the roof jump, which is where instead of being in a foot tie and jumping off the normal jump deck we put you in a full body harness and you got up to the next level on the roof and run off the roof which is very intense. We also do shopping trolleys and bikes, blindfolded, fruit bats, there's loads of different ways that peole can jump and each individual jump gives you a different feeling on the inside, a different sensation, hence being different reasons, also obviously some look a hell of a lot cooler than others. And each one gives you a different rush, which is really good. So that's why we get - that's our point of difference and why we get people from all around the world come and bungy at this particular site 'cos we offer craziness and fun.

Peta Astbury: I'm expecting to get up to the top and to be really nervous and probably think, you know "why in the hell am I gunna do this?" and probably look down and think "Oh, crap", but, yeah I'm expecting that 'cos I expect a lot out of myself and I'm expecting to get up there and just end up doing it and to know that I've done something that I've never done before, so.

I just thought, it was just absolutely amazing and I just got off the edge and I was thinking "Oh, my God! What am I doing?" and I was so nervous and the guys up there were really great. And they were sort of just chatting to me and like joking around and stuff like that and I got to the edge and you have to sort of waddle like a duck to the end - they tie your ankles together and... I just remember just looking out and just realising how far up we were and I thought "Oh shit, what am I doing" and then the guy just called out 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then next minute I was just falling and just heading toward the ground that was really high and it was just amazing and the one thing that I didn't realise is the amount of times that you jump up and down and stuff like that, but I got into the boat, you know I just said "I want to do it again", so, but, I think it's a really great experience because now I know that I can do anything, like I, you know jumped off of that up there and you know, lived through it and I wasn't hurt and I actually want to do it again so I just know that I can get through anything now in my life and I'll be OK.

Yeah, I'd say definitely do it and it'll just be a life changing experience.
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