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Jang Yun Hee (Liz): My name is Liz. I'm from Korea. I choose to study English in Australia because the currency of Australia is cheaper than other English-speaking countries and I also heard that Australia (sic) people are very friendly to Asian people.

I choose (sic) Cairns college of English because one of my friends told me there are less Asians in Cairns and other people told me like that. But most of all I like Cairns environment. For example, Cairns is surrounded by beautiful landscape and not much crowded compared with other Australian cities.

Since coming to college here I learnt how to dive into the sea and the air. If you ask me which one was better between the scuba diving and skydiving I will recommend you to try scuba diving. It takes short time to look around under the sea, but you can see beautiful creatures and be something special you have never felt before also if you are lucky you can see Nemo during the diving.

I have been here for a long time, but I had a lot of fun and made many friends. I hope that everyone who studies in Australia would be satisfied.
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