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COMMENTATORS: Towards Wonaeamirri, now free on this side of the ground is Wonaemirri, to Wonaeamirri, has to fly from behind.

AUSTIN: My name is Austin Wonaeamirri, I come from an island off the coast of Darwin, from a small community called Milikapiti, thatís Melville Island Milikapiti.
Everyone, mainly everyone calls it Snake Bay, so thatís where I grew up and played my footy there.

Iím eighteen turning nineteen, in two months. I think I started playing football when I was about five or six.

Because we live on the island we go to every grand final, you know just watching like all the like all the Tiwi island star players like the players, watching them.

JAMIE: Well Austin arrived here in January and took up an AFL traineeship which involves working with our development officer on a number of different things. Mainly about going out to local schools and conducting coaching clinics but also a little bit of administration and generally helping around the club. Heís been really well accepted and works very well.

AUSTIN: We just go out to schools like primary schools around the Norwood zone. Just teach them about the game and stuff. They really love it, they enjoy it and we enjoy it as well. Itís good to go out there and teach them and we rock up there and they say to me "oh", they just ask me "are you Aboriginal?", like all that stuff.

TREVOR: Heís embraced the whole culture of the club pretty quickly in a sense that heís not only just a terrific player with exciting skills but heís a, heís very much a team man in every sense.
Heís already a cult figure, heís earnt the respect very quickly of the playing group and all those who have come to know him.
I think heís just a likeable young man with a fair bit of substance about him.

AUSTIN: Itís tougher down here, on the Islands when we play footy we just go out there and then just like run, kick to space, run in to the space.
It was pretty hard like to leave, to leave like the family back on the islands and like friends.
But then sometimes you just have to leave the island. You canít stay there all your life.
I do miss my mates but if youíre going to play good footy itís time to move on and make another friend then like when footyís over you can go back to the islands and you still have your mates there.

Since I came down to Norwood, I didnít really know them and it took me like three weeks, so I got to know them like on the training track and then like from there weíve just been like mates.

TREVOR: Look heís got an amazing turn of speed, but heís also got a fair bit of poise attached to his movements. Heís also a fantastic tackler of opposition players and I guess thatís where heís earnt his spot.
Heís shown enough to us this year to suggest that he can go to that next level.

JAMIE: Aussieís no doubt caught the eye of AFL scouts during this year. Just because of the way he plays, heís exciting, heís got some speed, he chases down players in the forward line and puts a lot of forward line pressure on, so the next step for Aussie we think will either be to be AFL drafted or at worst we think heíll get rookie listed.

AUSTIN: Itís everyoneís dream like to play at the highest level and Iím just, hopefully if Iím doing everything right and probably I just want to try and make it to the highest level in football if I can, like try my hardest. Just going to challenge myself, see where my footy can take me.

COMMENTATOR: Drops it wide to Wonaeamirri, itís going to be closed down by Poulton.
Too much class there by Wonaeamirri, heís away, heís inside fifty. He could go all the way and he does.
What a great finish, what a goal from the young man Wonaeamirri.
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