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Marco: Hi I'm Marco. We're in the Central Market. I run the Mushroom Shop in the Central Market. I've been in the Mushroom Shop for about six years and the family's been in the Market for close on 31 years.

Martin: I'm Martin and I run Atlas, one of the snack bar/ coffee shops and continental products shops in the Market. I was pretty much born here. My parents had me just after they'd purchased the shop and I've been here ever since.

I loved it, personally, growing up around here, just running around, knowing so many people, eating so much good food and just seeing all the different crazy things that go on around the place, like it's awesome.

Marco: Some of the loud fruit and veg guys just used to scare the hell out of me when I was young. They were just astounding and some of those personalities are still around now, you know, thirty years later, still with the loud voices, just a little bit greyer than they used to be. So, it was an amazing place to grow up.

Stallholder: Have a look customers. We've got beautiful roma tomatoes here customers, beautiful romas, best in the Market, $1.99 a kilogram.

Woman 1: I come to the Market every week. I think the Market is absolutely fantastic. I love the colour, the variety of food that you can get here and do all our shopping here every week, it's great.

I'm going to buy some flowers and have a coffee in a minute.

Ki Ku: I'm Ki Ku and my mum is Lon Chin Ng. She started the business in 1993.

My parents and our family come here in 1988 and because of their lack of English they couldn't find a job so they bought a very small place at the corner here.

Yes, it took a while to establish and then we now have a lot of Australian customers that know how to cook by themselves and they're willing to try.

We operate until now, for so many years, and mostly is a family base.

Marco: The Market's really the biggest drawcard that the city's had for the last 100 years.

It's all part of what creates that environment for people where they feel at home, they feel comfortable.

Martin: We see a lot of people that come back because the Market is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago but there's still so many different things.

Woman 2: I love coming to the Central Market because there's a lot of vegetables, flowers and you get halal meat from here, and basically we can get everything from here. So, just one stop market for us.

Woman 3: It's a lively place. It's got good culture, great atmosphere. So we come here to do our shopping like once a week, it's always fresh. We just came to get a snack because we're going to the library and we got a chocolate croissant from the Atlas stall - 60 cents, good value!

Marco: The Market was an interesting place to grow up when we were younger. I mean predominantly back then it was a lot of Greeks and a lot of Italians.

I guess over the last thirty years watching as more and more different cultural groups migrate to Australia and settle in Adelaide, it's interesting to see the different flavours come through at the same time.

And what I mean by flavours is you've got more and more Asian groceries popping up. You've got more and more Asian foods popping up.

And slowly but surely you're getting the African influence coming through in a couple of the shops.

The Market I guess is almost a barometer of where and how our Adelaide society changes.

Martin: We're getting little bits of the world all gathering around the Market.

Woman 4: We like the food because you know the Food Court, five dollars, all you can eat so we always like to come for lunch and then in the afternoon around three they have specials on Tuesdays for fruit and veg so it's really good to come in and shop here.

Boy: Grapes, I like grapes better. Grapes are delicious!

Frank: Hello, I'm Frank from the Coffee Bean Shop. We have a wide range of coffee from all around the world, Kenya Mocha, we've got Columbian, Costa Rica. We've got organic coffees from Mexico, East Timor, Ethiopian, Papua New Guinea, Italian Espresso, another fabulous blend.

Woman 5: I like the Market because they've got everything and everything is fresh and everything's so beautiful and when I get overseas visitors I always take them to the Market.

Marco: I think part of the reason why it works is because food is so much a part of people's cultures.

And for most of the cultures that reflect heavily in the Market food is the central place in the family. It just brings them together.

Martin: Well, it's a celebration of food and a celebration of life.

Marco: That's right. Yes, exactly.
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