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My family's my sponsors, my mum and dad.

I'm sponsored by my aunty and uncle's company, the Letalu Migration Service.

We're putting on our ula nifo, that's a Samoan necklace for our opening number.

And I'm ready to go, ready to go, ready to dance.

We have our opening siva, our opening dance. Then we have to introduce ourselves individually.

We're like sisters in this competition. Like it's a competition but I mean we compete like in a sisterhood way.

I never knew I was going to go onto one of these. Everyone knows me as like a frickin' tomboy so this is like a big thing for me now. I'm all dolled up and everything so yeah.

Then we have our traditional, so we have to parade our traditional costume and then we have our sarong, our lavalava.

Well, I'm half caste, my dad's Australian and my mum's a Samoan. I basically grew up in America so I didn't know my heritage very much or at all really, until I moved here and it's just snowballed into this big thing and I'm surrounded by all these Samoans and the culture so, this is why I'm here.

I am the reigning Miss Samoa Australia. I was crowned Miss Samoa 2006/2007 last year on August the 11th and tonight will be my last night of my reign and I will hand it over to the next winner.

I've learned so much about my culture and I went to Samoa to compete for the Miss Samoa during the big annual festival in Samoa which is the Teuila, and walked away with second runner up. I looked similar to this but it was a lot more contestants I was competing against. There was a Miss Samoa Utah, Miss Samoa New Zealand and also locals in Samoa.

Whatever the result I had so much fun and I'll be grateful for that and meeting the other five beautiful girls. They're like new sisters in my life.

I'm relieved it's over but now another journey will begin and I'm looking very forward to just starting my journey as the new Miss Samoa Australia 2007/2008.

In the end we're all here to have fun and this is just an experience that I'll have for the rest of my life and share with my kids and my grandkids.
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