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Vox Pop Learning English
We ask some peole about learning English.
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MAN 1: At first, I think it's a bit hard and, yeah. And I like talking to people and it's helping me learn English.

WOMAN 1: Yeah, to be honest, I learnt English very much when I was in China, though, so I didn't find it that hard, even though I didn't do any proper tests for English. But it was alright.

MAN 2: It was really hard and especially the Australian, like, the tone - the way they speak and the English speakers - it's quite different. Because when I was in Nepal, we used to use the British tone and all that, you know? It's quite hard to understand over here.

MAN 3: Yes, because it's very difficult to understand people when they speak very fastly.

INTERVIEWER: Is it hard?

WOMAN 2: It wasn't so hard when you're in an international school because everybody was at the same level, but when, like, they tell you to go to a normal school, that was a bit hard. It was really different compared to Sydney. I mean, Sydney's more multicultured.
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