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MAN 1: Australian food, I really like, like, spicy and really healthy. Actually, I always like more and more spicy, you know? Yeah. I like a beef steak. Australian is really good.

WOMAN 1: I like all sorts of food. I mainly like ethnic foods, like stuff with strong flavours, like Indian, Thai.

WOMAN 2: I make at home fish with coconut milk. And I eat cassava and taro and my children does(sic) and my grandchildren as well.

MAN 2: I'm into the Irish stew, you know? That'd be my main thing.

WOMAN 3: I've been having Australian food for two years. I mean, so Italian... Because my homestay mother, are, like, an Italian family so I've been having Italian pastas and all that.

WOMAN 4: Living in Sydney, we eat all different types of cuisines because Sydney has everything.

WOMAN 5: Mainly Thai food, like, 'cause stir-fries are pretty easy to make and I have all of the ingredients.

WOMAN 6: My dad is a really great seafood chef so anything seafood. And 'cause they're going over to Thailand in a few months he's just been going crazy with Thai foods.

WOMAN 7: A lot of the, you know, ethnic foods, like tabouli, hummus. All that, you know - all the typical Arabic food.

WOMAN 8: We just have Vietnamese food at home. We rarely do have Aussie food. Anything like that we just go out. We usually do that on the weekends.

WOMAN 9: I like Australian better 'cause it's pretty... get, like, a whole variety of different foods and especially in Newtown. You can get anything, pretty much.
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