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ANNE MARIE McCONNACHIE: What we're holding here is the 10th Adelaide International Kite Festival so we have been going for ten years. However our festival did start a little bit earlier than that. There were just little small, fun gatherings of kite fliers and then one day we decided, 'Wouldn't it be great if we ran a really big kite festival?'

And from that point our festival has had some great years, some fantastic years and some forgettable years as well. Certainly a kite festival is all about wind and weather and you know there have been some events that have just been really strong and miserable and we were sort of wondering why were we there.

But when we come out to a day like today we have all our kites flying. You have the wind, we have the crowds, you know, I'm just so glad we kept going.

Before Schools Day we spent the whole month going out to schools and making kites with all these kids and pretty well much just building up the excitement about the festival.

The day was for them to come down with the kites that they made and fly kites with all the kite flyers.

Of course it was fairly windy so we did have some kite flyers in the kite hospital with the sticky tape and some extra spars and tails so when things dropped off they were able to repair their kites.

Kiting has developed over the years. It's just amazing the difference and the variation. For instance, with the inflatable kites we don't use any spars with them. But you can't make inflatable kites unless you've got the right materials so today we work with rib-stock nylon so we're able to sew it. So, it's sort of like balloon fabric so we can fill them up with air and they go up in the sky.

And of course there's a lot more than single line kites. There's dual lines, there's quad lines, there's sport kites and of course there's kite boarding and kite buggies and lam boards so it's a huge world there.

CHRIS SHULTZ: The beauty of the kite culture is that it really knows no boundaries because there's lots of different walks of life that are into kites: older retired people that may have been physicists to young kids that are into the kite boarding, you know, the attraction kiting, and events like this is where they all sort of come together.

JUSTIN SHULZ: I like being a bit of a show off. It's great being out on the water like yesterday afternoon, coming right up next to the jetty and then just doing a big jump, big rotations and coming up right up above the jetty. We were probably getting about five, six metres up yesterday which is a good size jump, yeah and hearing all the little kids screaming out.

ANNE MARIE McCONNACHIE: When you strike friendships they're friendships for life, you know. They're people you can ring up and say, 'Hi, I'm in town. Let's go fly a kite.' It is a culture and a very close one. We're all friends.

So that's how we can get these internationals over. These guys don't get paid. They come over the fly kites because they're our friends.

WESUN WU: My name is Wesen Wu. I'm from Taiwan. Our speciality is kite chains, very long kite chains and we put the same kites and join them together and make it very, very long. And we have different kite chains. For example, the Maple Kite Chain, we have 150 leaves joined together in measure 300 metres long. But in Taiwan we can stretch it to 600 metres but we cannot bring all of these kites to Adelaide. It's a pity.

ANNE MARIE McCONNACHIE: I think kites are a fascination to everybody. I still remember the very first time I flew a kite. I remember the very first time I made a kite. It went out and it flew and the feeling of success was overwhelming so that I became a kite flyer and a kite maker.
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