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SIMON STEPHENS: My name is Simon Stephens and I'm the International Student Co-ordinator at Our Lady of the Sacred College at Enfield in Adelaide.

INTERVIEWER: What have you found that your students find the most different about being in Australia?

SIMON STEPHENS: I think the food and although Hong Kong and Chinese and Japanese and international cuisine is all over the place, it's not exactly the same food as home. Maybe it's just not the same food as mum cooks but that takes a while to get used to. And also it is a different pace of life.

INTERVIEWER: So what kind of things do they really learn out of the experience, do you think?

SIMON STEPHENS: A lot of our students, or all of our students are basically home-stay students, rather than living in their own accommodation and so what they learn more, apart from the English, apart from the formal course work, is learning to interact with families who are not their own families.

INTERVIEWER: And what about as a teacher of international students - what do you find to be the most rewarding things about that?


INTERVIEWER: And, I guess, the most difficult things as well?

SIMON STEPHENS: It's a relationship. I mean, it all comes down to the relationship they develop with you over that time.

You know, these are from an all-girls school, and, you know, these are little girls a long way from home and they are so brave, and it really is amazing to see them blossom into independent young women who can deal with things that, you know, at our own ages and our own domestic students would find huge hurdles, and the admiration I have for them is amazing because they just can do things that.. they can leap tall buildings really.
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