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HOLLIE DYKES: My name's Hollie Dykes and we live in Australia. I do gymnastics in Canberra. This is the Australian Institute of Sport, which... There's (sic) lots of sports here that come and are based here and compete for Australia. I was about five when I started and I started just fun gym. My mum was a coach, so I sort of got into it from that. We train about 36 hours a week, which is pretty tough, but it's worth it in the end. We don't have a lot of school. We do usually about 3.5 hours of school in between our training. We have our main coach, which is the head coach of the AIS. He coaches my group for bars, floor and vault. But we have another personal coach for beam - Xiaoli, which is... she's a Chinese coach.

XIAOLI TANG: I think Hollie done (sic) good job. And in the last two years, consistent training. I think we have a good chance to get a medals (sic) for women's gymnastics.

HOLLIE DYKES: They know how to handle each girl individually and, you know, what program they're gonna give you and what skills. And they have all that experience behind them that can help you reach your goal. I've just been over at the World Championships in Denmark, where our team placed sixth. I also just went, after that, to Stuttgart in Germany, where I competed at a World Cup event and placed first in the beam. I'd really like to get to the Olympic Games. I would also like to just have fun and, you know, show my ability and teach other little kids who are coming up just to enjoy what you're doing.
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