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LINDI JANE: Well, do you want to warm up? What is the matter?

SNAPS: I've got a hand in my throat. HA HA HA!

LINDI JANE: Just sing the song, alright.

SNAPS: Okay, [sings]

DAISY: So, I'm going to interview you.

LINDI JANE: Oh alright, well, go ahead.

DAISY: I'm Daisy by the way. She knows me. Now how did you start working with us guys? Puppets.

LINDI JANE: Well, I had a hole in the heart when I was a little kid and I was in hospital for so long one of the nurses gave me a puppet and said it was great for therapy, and I decided to do it from there.

SNAP: [sings]
You're just jealous.

DAISY: What do you think about doing this as a living?

LINDI JANE: Well, it's a lot of fun because I get to make people completely happy.

SNAP: Watch out, my fly's undone.

FLUFFY FELINE: I'm French, I'm from gay Paris.

MAN: So do you know Pepe La Pew?

FLUFFY FELINE: No, he's a skunk. Isn't he a skunk?

DAISY: Can you please tell us a little bit about ventriloquism? I can just say it.

LINDI JANE: Ventriloquism means, it's like Latin for I speak from the belly, or I speak from the stomach.

SNAP: What are you lookin' at!

LINDI JANE: And it's a very old fashioned sort of trick. It's a trick of the eye and the ear. And you throw your voice which again is very similar to a bit of a tricků

DAISY: Ooh, like this? Hello, hello, hello, hello. Is that right?

LINDI JANE: Yes. And so it's like a magician.

SNIFFER: I'm Canadian Golden retriever. Yes.

DAISY: Did it take a long time to learn how to do ventriloquism? I said it again.

LINDI JANE: You're very clever.

DAISY: Ooh, I am.

LINDI JANE: It did take a while. I started when I was four. So I was four years old. By the time I was eight I was doing it perfectly, never taught and I just mastered it from there.

SNAP: You could laugh all day?

DAISY: How do you develop us characters, being puppets?

LINDI JANE: Daisy was from just a little cartoon that I did and I think that's probably various Wombles cum Womble era, many years ago. Where are you from?

DAISY: Well, that's right. I'm from the London Zoo. I went there on the breeding program.

LINDI JANE: That's how she got her accent. So I mean that personality came out of that, and Fluffy Feline, the French kitty, she obviously loves singing and she just became all French being all feathers and a kitty cat and Snaps, the typical Australian -

DAISY: Crocodile..

LINDI JANE: Yes. he's a SNAC, a sensitive new age crocodile, and he just became the ocker. And then Sniffer was a Canadian Retriever so he obviously had an accent. So they've all got a little bit of a background that comes from a little piece of me and I think to develop the characters, it is by chance and experimenting with the crowds.

DAISY: Yes, and seeing if they like you which they liked me, right?

FLUFFY FELINE: What is your name?

AMBER: My name is Amber.

DAISY: Anbur?

AMBER: Amber.

LINDI JANE: Amber? That's fantastic.

FLUFFY FELINE: You could look at me, not her.

LINDI JANE: Ad libbing is probably my favourite. I'm terrible with scripts.

DAISY: Ooh, She is. Never remembers a thing. What was that? Now you like singing, is that right? Do you like to sing a lot?

LINDI JANE: I do, I think it started in the shower, very badly.

DAISY: It was, I heard it.

LINDI JANE: And then from there I just developed the singing and now I sing and dance in the shows called Snap's Kakadu Club, which is my kids show.

FLUFFY FELINE: [Sings - Hey Big Spender] What do you think?

MAN: Not really my type.
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