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AMBER McMAHON: If I were to use three words that describe me, I would say... ..energetic, naughty and thoughtful.

I was born in Broken Hill and we moved to Adelaide for reasons of education. I graduated from Flinders in 2002 and then got an audition for 'Proof', which was happening at the State Theatre Company in South Australia. And I got the role of Catherine, which was a dream role...and from there started to get a lot of work at that company. Thanks! I also formed a company with some mates from uni called the Border Project and we did a lot of hybrid work, experimental theatre. So I was kind of, you know, just working a lot in South Australia and also doing a lot of work with Windmill Performing Arts, which is a great company for kids and their families...and then got offered a two-year contract here in Sydney with the actors' ensemble.

So it was a fantastic challenge to come here and work with these amazing actors who I had looked up to for so long. And, yeah, so we were thrown into 'Mother Courage' and it was know, a great production and presented, you know, again, a lot of challenges. Particularly, you know, the work is rather intense and it was, I guess, a new way of working for me.

And then we moved on to 'The Lost Echo', which was this fantastic project with Barrie Kosky. And I had a great role in that, which was just so exciting - to come here and be able to work with someone like Kosky, who is just so passionate and intelligent and creates, like, really amazing theatre. So I'm thanking my lucky stars I got to work with someone like that. So from here we go into performance of 'Bourgeois Gentleman' and that finishes up the year, and then we've got another four shows next year.

Daily routine usually starts off at a little cafe in the Cross called Piccolo, which is hosted by this wonderful Italian man Vittorio, who either hates you or loves you at any given time.

VITTORIO: Why you so late today? Tell me. Why you so late today?

DELIVERY MAN: I'm always late on a Monday.

AMBER McMAHON: And rehearsals, of course. And there's a beautiful place just close to here called Observation Hill and it looks out over this area and I usually escape there and go over my lines or just take it all in. And...and the ferry ride from here to Rose Bay, which is close to home, is just exquisite, particularly at night. My three favourite things would be... ..fantastic music, champagne... Cheers. ..and great friends.

In 2007, we're working on another four plays so we start off with 'Season at Sarsaparilla' by Patrick White and then we do 'Midsummer Night's Dream', and I've got the role of Helena. And then...then we're doing a project called 'The Art of War', which is based on the... ancient Chinese writing, and then we go into 'Tales from the Vienna Woods'. That script has been adapted by Tom Wright who works here. Fantastic playwright. He also did 'The Lost Echo'. And that's yet to be cast. So it's a year of really interesting work and really diverse roles, which is fantastic.

I think my dream role would be playing Catherine in 'Proof' in the film version. But unfortunately Gwyneth got in there and pipped me at the post, so I think...yeah, I kind of...aspire to playing, like, really... ..meaty, intelligent roles in film. I love theatre, but I would like to have a bit of a crack at film.
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