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INTERVIEWER: What do you think of the weather today?

MAN 1: Yes, it's a pretty nice day today. Yeah, very nice.

WOMAN 1: It's cool, it's good. Yeah. It's warm, but it's not, like, heaps sunny and it's not raining and...yeah.

INTERVIEWER: And what do you think of the weather today?

MAN 2: It's a bit rainy, a bit cloudy, but, no, it's alright.

MAN 3: I'd say it's a little bit cloudy. It's a bit windy, but not too bad and the sun's coming through every so often.

MAN 4: Today's weather, it started off really bad because it was cold and raining and I had to walk here, but it's now quite nice.

WOMAN 2: I think the weather today is lovely.

WOMAN 3: Hot weather.

MAN 3: Hot weather. I love a hot day.

WOMAN 2: I really enjoy spring weather, I think. The most perfect day would be a spring day for me when there's lots of blossoms and lots of birds around.
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