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MAN 1: There's four of us and two kids and...

WOMAN 1: We've got two children.

MAN 1:Yeah, two children.

MAN 2: Oh, we're just three - my wife and my little boy. Well, my immediate family, but the rest of our family is actually in France.

WOMAN 2: We've got three daughters. And our oldest daughter now face-paints, and the youngest two run around and have a great time.

WOMAN 3: I was a migrant, an only-child migrant from England. My father's dead, my mother's still here. She's married now to her third husband.

WOMAN 4: Oh, I've got one sister up in the Yukon and then I've got my parents and another sister in Vancouver.

WOMAN 5: My immediate family, there is four of us. There's myself, my father, who's with me, my mother and my brother, who's a couple of years older than me.

MAN 3: Three - my father, myself and Amanda.

MAN 4: My wife, who's not far away, and two children, one of whom is 24 and the other one is 19.
You know, I'm the youngest of 10 and I think there were 27 or 28 grandchildren, I think.

WOMAN 6: I've got, you know, two sisters and a brother, mum and dad, and a lot of my relatives are over in Ireland.

MAN 5: This is my daughter Cecile. Want to say hello?

CECILE: Hello.

MAN 5: That's the girl.

INTERVIEWER: How many people are there in your family?

MAN 5: There's the three of us. Oh, there's four uncles and an aunty and then grandparents - two lots of grandparents - and then other cousins - about four or five cousins.

MAN 6: How many people on the earth? Well, that's how many people are in our family. And they're all over the place. They're even in there.
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