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MAN 1: I played piano for a while, but... Ah, I was alright at it, with work, but certainly not a natural like some of my friends that play instruments that just have that talent. I just don't have it. I can't sing either.

MAN 2: Our daughter does. She's very musical, so she's very involved with choirs and she plays the piano.

WOMAN 1: Used to, yes. Yes, I used to play American mountain music. Dulcimer, autoharp and 5-string banjo. Wow. Yeah. But I've given that up in the last, what, 10 years or so, yes. Only for fun now.

MAN 3: Yeah. I play nine instruments - guitar, bass, drums, flute, percussion... Piano.

WOMAN 2: I do a little bit of bass and singing.

MAN 3: And keyboards.

WOMAN 3: Yeah, I do, but, you know, not really that well.

WOMAN 4: No, I'm very unmusical. I tried to play the piano for a long time. And I can play but I cannot read the music. I never was able to learn that, but I can hear it really well. I just can't, kind of, learn the academic side of it. And I...yeah, I tried to sing for a while and that was never any good either, so I just appreciate. I don't go there myself.

MAN 4: No, unfortunately. I always wanted to.

MAN 5: My background is in opera. So that's what I used to sing a lot. But I don't do that anymore.

WOMAN 5: Morgan's a drummer so...and I usually join in with the dancing. We've got a friend out there who's a belly dancer and she usually gets everybody up dancing and singing along and clapping.

MAN 3: The sitar was beautiful, the Japanese drums. Everything so far - I give 100 points to the festival.

WOMAN 2: The Korean drums.

MAN 3: They were Korean? Yeah. I stand corrected. Have a good day.
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