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It's a red brick house, a two-storey red brick house that has a garage and my parents' family room, a family room, my room and my brother's room and we have a pool Ė a swimming pool outside and a small garden.

Itís a semi-detached townhouse, so it's got two bedrooms upstairs and also a study and downstairs we have got the lounge room and the kitchen and a sort of built-on dining room on to that. So itís not very big, but itís enough.

Itís an old house, probably 100 years old, and itís got lots of rose bushes and a big backyard with a shed and some fruit trees. Itís got very high ceilings and wooden floorboards, there's about five bedrooms and a big kitchen and a big lounge room.

Itís a red brick house. It's got quite a big front yard, quite a big backyard. And it's three bedrooms, one bathroom, and itís got a top storey as well.

My house is, umÖ Oh, my house is... My house is a small white house with a big garden, lots of windows and lots of doors, I guess.
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