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FIORA: Hi everyone. Fiora here. We're having a really busy week this week. Welcome to the world of a freelance artist. For those of you who don't know, Andre and I are musicians and for us home is work and work is home. In fact you could even say our lives are pretty much all about work: we love what we do, but it definitely has its pros and cons.

ANDRE: Well here I am, it's quarter past ten on a Thursday night and I'm reinstalling all Fiora's software. While I'm doing this, she's in the loungeroom. I'll show you what she's doing.

FIORA: I'm not really watching the TV!

For us, working freelance is one big juggling act. We split our creative energy and time between our own projects and other people's.
Well, it's now twelve fifteen a.m. and it's all due tomorrow, so I'm gunna be writing it for a few more hours yet.
We might go for weeks, even months, living on nothing but vegemite and toast and then spend other weeks living really quite well. But usually when this happens we're so busy we completely forget to eat anyway and this is when my Mum comes over and keeps us both alive.

We live in Launceston in Tassie, which is a beautiful place to live and work, but there's not a lot of production companies so we work via the web. Right now we're working for a production being made in Hobart and another which is being made between Munich and Washington. We'll discuss with producers a musical brief, download the picture from a secure server and start writing. We write, record, mix it, synch it to the picture and upload it back to their server. In the background of all this work, Andre and I develop our own projects.

We've set up a creative production company called Big Structure. Under that banner we have our own musical projects like our band Drop Dragon. And we've just started dabbling in making TV. The juggling continues.
Working from home is a blessing and a curse and I've found the only way to make it work is to a) have hobbies and b) give yourself excuses to regularly get out of the house. Lately I've enrolled myself in various short courses which lets me meet completely different people, which is something I really enjoy.

CHRISTINE: Ok, I'm Christine her sewing teacher, I've been taking this group of ladies today. Some of my interests include cake decorating, calligraphy, embroidery, Indian embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, applique, dolls, stuffed dolls, textiles, crafted dolls, quilting, dressmaking, patchwork, food nutrition, folk art, painting, knitting, oh yes I wouldn't forget the knitting, tailoring...

FIORA: Basket weaving?

CHRISTINE: No, no I haven't tackled basket weaving. I have done macrame, but I'm not interested in macrame.

FIORA: And then it's back to work, which frankly is incredibly boring to watch. Luckily my brother David, who's a dancer in the Lion King came down from Melbourne to visit us, so we thought we'd give you a bit of a tour of the lovely city of Launceston.

DAVID: G'day everyone, I'm on a couple of days off from work and I've come to Launceston and I'm gunna give you guys a tourist's view of Launceston. What's going down in Launceston? So, Launceston is the third oldest city in the country. The fountain you see behind me was designed in Europe. When it arrived here it was a bit too risque for the time, so the government here decided that they'd file off the rude bits and install it in the park in Launceston.

This is the first basin in the Cataract Gorge.

FIORA: Well I thought that was pretty much it for my video diary this week but just as I sat down to edit, life got a little bit more interesting.
I got an email from Mip TV. Mip TV is a massive international television marketplace and they had this competition where they were looking for people to pitch an idea for digital audio broadcasting. So one night Andre and I threw around some ideas and now we're in the final. We can win ten thousand dollars, but we have to go to Cannes in three week's time and pitch this idea to a board of international executive producers from the BBC, Canada and Korea.
Will Fiora and Andre go to Mip TV?

DAVID: Or will they stay home and tend their cabbages?
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