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I'd known ever since year seven that I would never study Medicine or Law like my Vietnamese parents were hoping. I always wanted to grow up to do something creative, be an artist or a designer or an illustrator. So when I was twelve I started planting those seeds. I said things like "So, Mum, I like sewing what do you think about that?" or I said to my Dad "Do you like my illustrations, neat huh?".

Oh so slowly they came to see that I had a better chance of marrying a doctor than studying to be one and so they changed their tactics, but that's like a whole different story.

The polaroid project is a document of my daily life and when I first started it I was really strict about how the pictures should look and I was trying to make it out to be like some fancy art project but really now it's more a celebration of the people in my life, the city I live in and the quirks of everyday life.

I always have the camera in my bag and I'm stalking the streets for my good natured friends for that special picture that will be like my snapshot of the day. Sometimes being on the constant lookout for something interesting to take a picture of can be a burden. I feel that I should be able to find beauty in anything and everything, but when I do find the scene that stops me in my tracks and that demands that I take the time out to appreciate it I fall in love with it all over again.

Rain or shine I love sleeping. I love butter spread on hot toast sprinkled with sugar. I love discovering something new and exciting in the city that I've lived in all my life like the travellator under Hyde Park that takes you to the Domain carpark. When I'm not working I like to make felt badges, they're mainly of people's faces, read fat books, I like to watch pirated films in bed with my dream birds and I karaoke on down with the girls.

One of my big dreams is to, like, save up some money and travel overseas, like, just anywhere in the world, I don't really care, I'd go around dropping the pictures into people's mailboxes and like giving them a surprise in the morning, you know, just for kicks.
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