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TANIA NUGENT: Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. Over 1 million people live here between the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Southern Ocean.
It has a temperate climate and is the driest of the Australian capital cities.
Adelaide has 32 kilometres of white sandy beaches, including one for nudists!
The River Torrens flows through the city, but it's really more of a creek.

Before Europeans came it was the home of the Kaurna people. They called the area Tandanya, which means "the place of the red kangaroo".

Englishman Matthew Flinders mapped the coast of South Australia in 1802. On the way he met Nicholas Baudin, a Frenchman, in another ship. They had a peaceful meeting even though their two countries were at war.

Adelaide was first settled by Europeans in 1836. They landed at a place they named Port Misery

There was a proclamation under this old gum tree. The state was planned as a colony of free settlers, unlike the other states that were settled by convicts brought out from English jails. This distinction can be a matter of Adelaidean snobbery.

The city was planned by Colonel William Light in the form of a grid with wide streets surrounded by parklands.

Adelaide is sometimes referred to as the "City of Churches". Because it was a place of religious freedom, it attracted immigrants escaping religious persecution.

The Germans brought their vine cuttings and founded the great wine culture that exists today, and much Australian wine is made in South Australia.

MAN 1: I'm not a big wine buff, yes we do have some great wines because on my travels around the world I've compared and we have very good wines.

TANIA NUGENT: After the Second World War many Italians, Greeks and other European migrants came to Adelaide, and following the war in Vietnam, refugees and migrants arrived from South-East Asia.

MAN 2: It's not as big as other cities so there's not as much noise I suppose and that kind of thing.

TANIA NUGENT: Today a number of Adelaide's churches have been turned into discos and nightclubs.

Adelaide is a relaxed place, with lots of cafés, a thriving arts community and many festivals.

People love their sport -- soccer, netball, Australian Rules Football, cricket and water sports.

WOMAN: It's nicer here, it's calmer and you can get around and see things and I just love it, I just adore Adelaide, I think it's wonderful.

MAN 3: It's a nice easy-going atmosphere and, like today, I found the parking very easy and on top of that it's nice friendly place.

TANIA NUGENT: It's a good place to live.
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