double degree
Double means twice the normal size or amount. If someone is doing a double degree, they’re doing twice the normal amount. Leo is doing two degrees at once - economics and finance.
Here, he is using the word home to talk about the place where his family lives. For more ways to use the noun 'home', see today's spotlight.
creature comforts
Creature comforts are the things that make life easier and more comfortable - like having a comfortable place to live, or expensive food or a nice car.
Example: I hate camping because I miss my creature comforts.
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rude shocks
A rude shock is a sudden unpleasant surprise.
Example: I got a rude shock when I realised that I didn't have the key.
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find myself
To find yourself in a situation, means to become aware that you are doing or experiencing something without trying to
To graduate means to complete school or university successfully.
The noun is also graduate, but it's pronounced differently. Follow the link below to our language library and listen to the differernce.
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