ve been
Have been is the present perfect tense, used to talk about things in the past which continue to be true. He lived in Brisbane as a child and still lives in Brisbane. Follow the link for more about the present perfect.
more information: present perfect tense (have completed)
Chosen is the past participle of the irregular verb choose. Follow the link to find out more and to listen to some examples.
more information: choose
draws the eye
Something that draws the eye attracts your attention.
lights up
illuminates; makes bright
Example: The fire burnt all night, lighting up the sky.
For more meanings of the phrasal verb light up, follow the link to our language library.
more information: light up
pain in the arse
Someone or something that is a pain in the arse is a nuisance or very annoying. This is not a polite expression, so use it with caution. A milder version is pain in the neck.
Example: He's been a real pain in the arse lately.
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