I'm is the short form or contraction of I am. Am is the form of the verb to be that is used with I when talking about what is happening now. For more on the forms of the verb to be that are used in the present tense, follow the link below.
more information: am, is or are
Law is one of the usual faculties, schools or departments at a university. Other common faculties are Science, Medicine, Law, Business or Commerce, Engineering, Music Humanities or Arts, Education, Nursing and Architecture.
You can study subjects or units in these schools or departments. For instance, Chemistry is a subject in the Science department.
Notice that the first letter of all subjects and departments is a capital.
Example: Law , Arts, Psychology
For more about when to use capitals, follow the link below.
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Honours is a course of study done by students who have already got a degree in that area. Notice that the titles of courses start with a capital letter.
A PhD is the highest level of study. It is short for Doctor of Philosophy and is also called a Doctorate. These are some other degrees and their abbreviations.
Example: Masters - MA
Bachelor of Arts - BA
Bachelor of Science - BSc
Diploma - Dip Diploma of Education - Dip Ed Masters of Business Administration - MBA
These are the letters you can put after your name if you have passed the course. But if you get a PhD, you can be called a doctor and put these letters before your name:
Example: Dr
see PhD above
A Diploma is a course that can be at a basic or an advanced level.
For instance, a Diploma in French is a basic undergraduate degree, but a Graduate Diploma of Education is for students who already have a bachelor degree.
Bachelor of Arts
All of the courses such as Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science are undergraduate courses. Undergraduate courses are the most basic courses you can do at university.