Heidelberg School
Heidelberg School
The Wikipedia entry explaining the Heildelberg School.
There is a trail along the Yarra River that shows the location of some of the paintings. The following website has nmore information about this. Heidelberg Trail
Heidi Museum of Modern Art
Heidelberg Museum of Modern Art
The museum's website.
of course
The expression of course is used to show that you are aware that what you have just said is well known.
Example: The Earth goes around the sun and the moon, of course, goes around the Earth.
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work in progress
A work in progress is something that is not yet complete.
Example: The garden is a work in progress.
You can follow the link below to hear the two ways we pronounce progress.
more information: progress
Heidi II
John and Sunday Reed were
Notice that were and not was is used when the two singular subjects are joined by and such as John and Sunday Reed. For more about using was or were, follow the link below.
more information: was and were
Heidi I
Heidi III