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30 July 2007

Vox Pop Year of the Pig

WOMAN 1: Year of the Pig? I really didn't check it out but I'm sure it's something good.

WOMAN 2: The Year of the Pig is lucky.

WOMAN 3: What she said, like luck and stuff. Start afresh and have fun, yeah.

WOMAN 4: The Year of the Pig is very fortuitous. I'm a Rabbit and it's very generous but sometimes it gives things which aren't so good.

MAN 1: Pig, for this year that year is a Golden Pig so it's lucky and it can bring fortune and good luck especially if one wants to have children.

INTERVIEWER: This year, are you going to have another child this year?

MAN 1: I think so, yes. We are looking forward to one more boy, yes.

WOMAN 5: I'd like to, yes.