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17 December 2007

Vox Pop Invention

What invention does the world need?
WOMAN 1: The world most needs some sort of mode of transport to be able to not leave any environmental footprint but needs to be as convenient as a car or a tram.

MAN 1: Do you know, I hate doing all day cleaning of the house. So an automated robot who could clean the house from top to basement would be lovely.

WOMAN 2: An invention that enables men to predict what women are thinking and do it before they've even thought of it.

WOMAN 3: Compassion and perhaps a heart.

WOMAN 4: A never-ending supply of healthy water for our agricultural systems.

MAN 2: The world needs an invention that will screen out telemarketers because they are really, really annoying and we need to stop it right now. Because it's very annoying to pick up a phone and have them try to sell you something.

WOMAN 5: I think if we can come up with an invention that magically allows us to live our normal lives but yet have zero impact on the environment. Bingo.