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14 May 2008

Vox Pop Advance

Woman 1: I think the greatest advancement that science will bring us in the next 10 years is the development of renewable energy such as geothermal energy and solar power, which will help us reduce our carbon emissions.

Woman 2: I think the use of genetic techniques to understand species declines so that we can devise proper management plans.

Man 1: Anything to do with carbon management.

Woman 3: I think our genetic understanding of cancers and specific types of cancer, particularly for better treatment options.

Man 2: I think stem cell research will be the next big advance, improving organ transplants.

Woman 4: I think a great advance that science will bring is some technologies to help deal with climate change. I think the advancement in renewable energy so that we have planes and cars that run without fossil fuels.

Woman 5: For the next 10 years, it'll be good to have studies in terms of bioremediation and from that we can reduce the amount of pollutants in our environment.

Man 3: The rate of generating new information is speeding up so quickly, so understanding information and how we use it in biology and other systems is also gonna be very important.

Man 4: I think generally it's going to be about the advancements in genomics and understanding how genes work. They're going to enable us to do a tremendous number of things, some of which are actually very scary.