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10 January 2007

Sarah Jane

SARAH JANE WENTZSKI: I moved to Melbourne in 1999 from Apollo Bay, which is a small country town on the south coast of Victoria. I really didn't fit in there, so music was also a kind of a way that I felt normal.

Isolation and displacement are really big things for me at the moment. My mother passed away just under six months ago and being able to create and to write about it was my way of dealing with it.

A lot of my music draws from experience that I've had, just stuff that I see. It's my way of articulating myself and being able to express myself emotionally in a way that I feel comfortable, in a way that I feel will be understood. Song writing gives me this freedom of innuendo and hiding between the lines and skirting around the point but making my point perfectly well known.

When you get those moments when things just kind of click and that's the fun time.