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5 February 2008

Samoa Vox Pops

TANIA NUGENT: How has it been this week and, with all the athletes coming to town?

WOMAN 1: Oh, it's been very busy, very exciting and lots of people around town and I think it's really a good tourist business for Samoa.

TANIA NUGENT: What's your favourite sport?

GIRL 1: Rugby.

GIRL 2: Well it's kinda new right now for our generation 'cause this is like the first time the South Pacific Games is here.

MAN 1: I'm a real Samoan. I'm staying Samoa. I'm one of the businessmen.

TANIA NUGENT: Where are you from?

WOMAN 2: Brisbane, Australia.

TANIA NUGENT: And what are you doing here?

WOMAN 2: My son is the coach of the Papua New Guinea archery team.

TANIA NUGENT: Oh wow how amazing.

WOMAN 2: Yeah, I'm here to cheer for the Papua New Guinea team.

GIRL 3: It's good how to know other people from other countries and practise my English.

WOMAN 1: We went to watch the basketball and the judo and swimming and touch rugby...

WOMAN 3: And then we know that live the dream we now live the dream that we've been dreaming of having the South Pacific Games, you know, be had here in Samoa.

TANIA NUGENT: What do you think the games have done for your country?

GIRL 4: I think it has, like, attracted more tourists to our country, which is really good and it's like, it's helped improvin' our culture as well because a lot of people know about our culture and we get to meet more people from overseas.

WOMAN 3: We have every facilities for every kind of sports. You know we have tennis, we have swimming pools, we have everything that we knew that we didn't have before, but this South Pacific Games gains us and has given us a lot of benefit to our country.

TANIA NUGENT: How are you finding your experience in Samoa?

WOMAN 2: I have never been to Samoa before, it is a beautiful country, beautiful people. It's lovely.

GIRL 1: Go Samoa!