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26 July 2007

River Artist

JAN VAN DIJK: My name's Jan van Dijk. I paint, and I've been in Brisbane since I was four years old. The photographs are basically the city.

Stock footage, or stock photos, which I get the overhead transparency and flash them up on the painting then go from there.

TANIA NUGENT: Why have you chosen the river?

JAN VAN DIJK: Well, looking from above is the most interesting part. You know, it just draws the eye every time, and when you're in the plane, coming into land over the port, and then, you know, you see the sea join up with the river and it's all one clean sheet and it lights up and it's beautiful.
You cross it every day or you wander along it and you use it to get somewhere or it blocks you from getting somewhere or it's a pain in the arse or, you know, it's lovely. It's there every day. It's definitely the most satisfying reaction that I've had from my art, I suppose, because it's just so immediately familiar and accessible.