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12 October 2007

Nexus Recap

TANIA NUGENT: Did you know that today is a very special day for Nexus? We're only six years old, but this is our one thousandth episode!
The very first episode of Nexus was broadcast on December 31, 2001, the first day this channel - then known as ABC Asia Pacific - started broadcasting.

NIKKI DWYER: Hello. Welcome to the first edition of Nexus.

TANIA NUGENT: Our idea was to make an educational program for the region with a focus on English-language learning. English Bites used a formula of short magazine stories followed by an explanation of the language used.

IAN HENSCHKE: New research shows that more and more Australian children are suffering from asthma.

TANIA NUGENT: This was followed with stories on science... ..people... ..and interviews.

CLIVE JAMES: In the whole of the Asia-Pacific region, I think Australia probably came...

TANIA NUGENT: In our second year, we introduced new studio segments. How Come? focused on science.

ROB MORRISON: You hypnotise them, and it's quite easily done.

TANIA NUGENT: And Planet Earth, hosted by Rob Morrison, was all about the environment.

ROB MORRISON: Bit of a nudge. There we go.

TANIA NUGENT: And we showed stories about Australian icons, exhibitions, food and films. We produced the series Living English, based on a drama about a young woman looking for her brother who had disappeared somewhere in Australia.

There's something I haven't told you.

What is it?

When I met your brother, I was thinking about my brother, David. I haven't seen him for two years.

TANIA NUGENT: The following year, we introduced segments about working lives and a travel series aimed at backpackers. And in 2004, two more studio segments - Word Wise, looking at families of English words, and Digital Daze, helping us understand how things work. And we produced the first of two series of Study English IELTS preparation with INSEARCH. We also made a series of segments about volunteers.

My dream job would be to work on one of them (sic) big ocean liners.

TANIA NUGENT: In 2005, we introduced more new elements. Segments about sport and leisure. Indigenous stories. History. Craft. Health.

IAN HENSCHKE: Your move.

TANIA NUGENT: And young people going places. And we produced The Business of English. 2006 started with a whole new look. We took the show on the road.

Hello, and welcome to Nexus. We're having a very relaxing time here. Now, one of the most...

Our focus has been on people and places. And we've introduced our video learning stories - stories you can revisit on our website with helpful English-language notes and tips. Over the years, the program has changed and grown. We've interviewed and talked to many fascinating people doing amazing things. We've shown you Australia...

MAN: You're making a comedy movie, are you? ..

TANIA NUGENT: and how Australians are engaged with our Asia-Pacific region. We've done some interesting things in the studio...

IAN HENSCHKE: And he's now looking at my leg. ..

TANIA NUGENT: and out of the studio. We've produced 864 episodes of English Bites and thousands of segments and interviews. Our website is accessed by many thousands of English-language learners every week. And over the years, we've enjoyed providing entertainment and education to you, our audience.

So there you have it - 1,000 episodes of Nexus. And here to help me celebrate are our dedicated and extremely talented production team as well as our special guests, supporters and contributors who've been with us over these past six years. And, of course, we couldn't have done it without you, our audience. So a very, very special thankyou to you as well. And we'll be back again with an all-new series of Nexus very soon, so make sure you stay tuned. And now it's time to celebrate. Cheers!