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31 December 2008

Live Lobster Exports

GERHARD WILMINK: Can't see, that's the trouble. It's stirred up. These are southern rock lobsters, which we consider the best cooked lobster in the world. They've got the finest and best taste, probably because of the cold waters that they come from around here.
Settle down. Good boy. This particular one would be five and a half years old, I reckon. Six perhaps. Yeah, six years, this one. He's a nice red fish, which comes off heavy bottom, which is 12 fathoms. 12 times 6 is 72 feet, isn't it? Yeah, this is the lighter-coloured one and this one comes from corally bottom, which happens to be about 120 feet of water depth. And they get the coral colour because of camouflage in the bottom they live on. Yeah, this bloke would be... ..yeah, about seven years of age, no doubt. And he's a good-sized specimen. Yeah, this one's about a kilo and a half, I would think. So he'd be worth $100, I guess, on the Asian market, yeah.
You put them in the box, put them into a comatose position. They'll go anywhere over the world. They'll travel 36, 38 hours, they take them out of the box, and they'll just swim away in their tanks, you know?

BERNADETTE NUNN: No worse for the journey?

GERHARD WILMINK: No, not a bit! They seem to do it really well. They could swim around in their tanks for months. It's quite amazing, actually.