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1 February 2007


Yep, Greg Pittaway. I'm demonstrating the shearing at the Adelaide Show.

You start by going in the pen and turning the sheep over and drag it out to your stand. We start by removing the belly wool first. And that's kept separate.

You move into shearing the main fleece off the sheep, just rotating the sheep around and then you release the sheep and you go in and get your next one. It's just a process. Takes about three minutes.

The wool's then thrown onto the wool table, and the classer and the roustabout, they skirt the sweaty edges off it and that's also kept separate with the belly wool.

The wool's then put into bales, it's classed - whether it's tender or it's a sound fleece, its colour, its class and all those things.

Yes, it's the grade of the wool, the micron. The finer the wool, the more money it's worth, to the coarser carpet wools that's around on the sheep, yeah.