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4 January 2007

Fiora - Part 1

FIORA: Hi. I'm Fiora. I live in Launceston, Tasmania and this is my video life. I'm a musician and my main instrument is voice. I studied classical voice at the Queeensland Con, and after a few years of just being a singer, I started writing music. I tend to write little orchestral ditties. These days I do a bit of everything, but spend most of my time writing music for people and developing creative projects with my partner Andre.
We have a band we call Drop Dragon and one day we might actually release something, but that's another story. I work from home and this is my humble studio. I tend to spend the mornings doing administrative tasks and the rest of the day and night doing creative stuff.
I do like sort of squelchy sounds.
Well, that's pretty much me in a nutshell, but if you follow me now to the other side of the house, here in studio A you can meet my other half, Andre.

Andre, otherwise known as the mad monk or guerilla mixer, is best described as an audio geek. He can often be found sitting in front of computers frequently nursing musical instruments and often sitting there for so long that he forgets to blink and gets really red eyes.

What're you doing?

ANDRE: I've finished it.

So this is what I do. I spend a lot of time in a small dark room.

FIORA: But don't worry, Andre does get his fair share of vitamin D. He's an avid gardener and has a large collection of worms.

Mum, whose name is Ahiye is a small lady, but don't let that deceive you. She's got boundless energy and she's always trying to give me food.

She's a nurse, which explains her creative integration of medical jargon into everyday conversation.

Dad, also known as Kenny Cliff, is a bit of a charmer who loves a drama and spends a lot of time reading the paper and telling us all about the bad things happening in the world.

And no matter what's going on, or who's talking, he just keeps going on and on. He's got a great voice and his own unique way of singing.

When you can't take it any more, just can't bear to hear one more negative thing, just ask him about that Goofy cartoon.

DAIVID: G'day, my name's David. I'm Fiora's older brother and I definitely am an older brother. When Fiora and I were growing up, people would often meet one of us and then when they met the other they would say "Oh, I knew that was your brother straightaway because you're so similar". Some peope have even said we're like twins and I've often joked with her that you know, I came out first, we're really twins but you just took longer to get out. I'm a dancer, I work as a dancer in the production of the "Lion King". Shortly we'll be closing in Melbourne and going overseas to do a short stint in Shanghi in China, but for now, I think that's it - I hope that's OK Fiora and I'll see you guys around. Cheers.

FIORA: Before we go I just want to tell you a bit about my ahma, my Chinese grandmother who featured in my video life entry. She died in 1994, but she lived with us while I was growing up. Ahma loved her brandy and she had this knack of breaking wind while everyone was watching TV. I can't wait to have a nose like that.

Well that's it from us this week. Join us next time for another chaotic episode of Fiora's video life.