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2 January 2007


Hi. My name's David Foster. I come from Tasmania. I've been woodchopping for thirty years and I'm here competing at this year's Royal Adelaide Show which is one hundred years of woodcutting in South Australia, so it's a great little Show.

Yes, well the one I just chopped in was the underhand event. We have five different disciplines here at the Show and the underhand is one of those. It's all based around our logging, what we did years ago. We used the axe and the cross cut saw to clear our countryside well over a hundred years ago so that's what the sport does today.

Well, my father was a world champion and my great uncle was a world champion as well so it's been in my family all my life.

Me, personally, I've won one hundred and eighty three world titles I suppose, the only person in sporting history to ever win over a thousand championships so I suppose it hasn't been too bad of a life.

I suppose everybody's got a gift and my gift was I could chop a bit of wood quicker than anybody else, and I'm most relieved to tell people that everybody has a gift and my gift has been woodcutting so I've been blessed.

Oh yes, in my heyday I used to practise a lot. As I get older in life other things happen business-wise and stuff so yes, you've got to train. The more you put in the more you get out. A great saying is 'you're a lucky man', the harder I worked the luckier I got.