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19 July 2007


PAUL RICHARDSON: The world knows there's (sic) thousands of uses for the coconut.

I believe there's a whole range of new products that are just beginning to get noticed. And one of them is this growth hormone called kinetin. It's in all sprouts but this is one of the largest sprouts on the planet when it sprouts. And these growth hormones have been tested in a laboratory on human skin, tissues and hair, and showing incredible regeneration. So it's an anti-ageing compound.

I was never a master with a machete. So I developed this to able to put a hole in the coconut easily and serve them quickly, hoping that people will make more use of the wonderful benefits of not just drinking the juice but certainly cooking the flesh in the husk and all know, the 1,001 uses that we've come up with for coconuts.

People who drink them know that they feel good. But I think, in the future, you'll see a whole range of marketing of kinetin and other natural products that come from simple sources that give you immediate results.