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5 January 2007

Arkie Barton

ARKIE BARTON: (ARTIST) Sometimes I'm just walking through the park and I see something that would look really nice and I just transfer it onto my canvas and it just makes it look really amazing. I like art because whenever you feel sad or angry you can just get it out and it makes you feel so much better. It just makes you feel so much more relaxed.

ROBERT BARTON: (FATHER AND ARTIST) I noticed from an early age that she had a real interest in art and I was sort of just playing around with her, with drawing and stuff and I put a pencil in her hand just as I guess a bit of a joke just to see what would happen when she was only about nine months old and she was able to hold a pencil properly just the right grip and then she was just always drawing and just would rather draw than watch TV which was pretty cool.

GEORGINA BARTON: (MOTHER) She's always just loved to paint. She's painted for a very long time. She sort of just used to paint with my mother when she would look after her while I was working when she was little. Yeah, just the abstract formations - something that I would never be able to think of myself.

GEORGINA BARTON: She had done a painting when she was probably about four or five and I just thought that was pretty amazing for that age.

ROBERT BARTON: I don't think words can convey how proud I am. It's really quite amazing, just continuously proud.

ROBERT BARTON: What I really like about Arkie's work is the simplicity and just the pure essence of something, of what she's feeling. I guess one of the things that you will see in Arkie's work and my work is we use traditional iconography but we use it in a modern way so we're not talking or telling stories that are traditional stories because that's really about cultural business and we're really contemporary artists and we use contemporary mediums.

ARKIE BARTON: It's Aboriginal art but it's like more us. You can see that it really suits your personality. It's just the way it's painted it just really suits my personality. Like if I have it in blocks of colour, nice bright colours because I just like those colours and it makes me feel good.

ROBERT BARTON: I'm probably a little bit more convoluted or complex in the kinds of things that I'm doing with my work and I kind of probably approach it more from an engineering point of view of trying to layer lots of different things into it.

ARKIE BARTON: One of my styles is I just use blocks of colours for the background and I do dots over it to make it look just really nice and the other ones I use simplicity styles where I just have colours and then a few dots and it looks really effective.

ROBERT BARTON: I hope it takes her wherever she wants to go. Really it's a decision that she will make and I want to leave that to her to make. I mean I don't want to push her into pursuing an art career if that's what she doesn't necessarily want to do. What I want her to draw from it is that she has a way of expressing who she is.