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25 December 2008

50's Caravan

Now this a 1950's Carapark caravan, made in Australia, about one of my favourite things I think.
Come inside.
I've tried to keep the caravan as original as possible. I've been collecting pieces that go with the period like the melamine dinnerware and my mother-in-law knitted me some tea cosies for the old aluminium teapots. We've got canisters to fit in the holes that were originally there. We've got nice old toasters and things like that. This is the right period.

We have the stove which is original and I love the bakelite knobs that are in perfect condition. I have the papers for the stove somewhere that tell you how to use it.

Now the fridge is a beauty. It runs on gas, used to be kerosene. It had been converted by the factory, only trouble is it freezes the vegetables if you leave them in there overnight so you've got to get them out of the way.

We collected a few books. I'm trying to collect books with 'caravan' in the title like 'Caravan Holiday', 'Five Go Off in a Caravan', 'Caravans', 'Alison's Caravan Adventure', 'Plans for Caravans', Zane Grey's 'Fighting Caravans'.

There's lots of nice things in this caravan. The cupboards are really neat too. This one's got a makeup table. I like the old drawers as well.

The original blinds, I had to retape them all by pulling other original blinds apart. Still got the original mattress covers and I can prove it.

Now under here is the piece de resistance: a zinc bathtub. I don't know where you'd get that much water from in a caravan but perhaps if you were in a caravan park you could do that.

I've replaced the flooring. It did have Axminster carpet but somebody had burnt it with a kerosene heater. I find this is a lot more useful especially at the beach where you don't get sand in everything.

When we go on a holiday we really know we've been on a holiday because we don't take any mod cons. We turn off the mobile phones and we just have a holiday. It makes two days away seem like about a week.

We like it. It's our favourite thing I think.