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Episode 29
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Sevenhill Winery
The Jesuits, migrated to Australia from Austria in eighteen forty eight seeking a life free from religious and political persecution. They settled at Sevenhill in the beautiful Clare Valley and established Sevenhill Cellars, which is the oldest existing winery in the Clare Valley region of South Australia. Initially the main purpose of the cellars was to provide sacramental wine for religious use and this has been ongoing. Sevenhill Cellars now produce white, red and fortified wines as well as sacramental wine.
We visit some of the aboriginal meeting places and rock art sites in the Grampians.
Girl Stars: Laxmirani
Laxmirani Majhi is an archer who competes in international level competitions for India. When Laxmi was young, her family knew the most important thing was for Laxmi to go to school; many girls in Laxmi's village did not go to school. Today, Laxmi has won so many archery competitions that she has been awarded the position of a cadet by the Tata Sports Academy, in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Laxmi grew up in Bagula village, Ghatshila district in Jharkhand and she is 17 years old.
Adelaide United Player Profile
We talk to Paul Reid - soccer plater in our series of profiles about people with interesting careers. Paul is a central mid-fielder for Adelaide United and has also played for the Soccerroos. Paul is included in our series about people with interesting careers. Today we ask Paul about how he started out, the highlight of his career and his tips for young players.
The SS Tampa
The story of the Tampa - the ship that rescued refugees from a sinking boat, only to become a story in its own right.
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