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Episode 27
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The Dioramas at the Australian War Memorial.
Life in a block of flats.
Girl Stars: Tehseen
Tehseen works as a girls' hostel warden in Kasturba Gandhi Girls Hostel (Mahila Samakhya) in Guruwa, Gaya District, Bihar. Tehseen looks after 70 girls who have come to stay at the hostel to be able to complete their education. Tehseen is able to convince the girls' parents that the hostel education is important, because she herself struggled to go to school. She taught other children to pay for her own education and persuaded her relatives, everyday, to let her go to school. After college, Tehseen approached Mahila Samakhya for the position of a hostel warden where she is today. Tehseen grew up in Mohala Purab Sarai, Gaya, Bihar. She is 24 years old.
Asia Literacy
At the national summit of the Asia Education Foundation a policy of Asia Literacy for every young Australian was announced.
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