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Episode 25
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Orientation Week
O'Week is a comprehensive program of academic, social activities and information sessions which are offered which are designed to introduce you to campus life; the people, the services, the resources, the environment, new ways of learning and how to understand different teaching styles.
Butterfly Man
A film whose character shows a complete transformation in a matter of minutes. Beautifully filmed, it shows in many ways how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, how an ordinary man becomes a man of dancing dreams.
Camels are credited with opening up the outback alongside the Afghan traders. Now, a couple of would-be bushies are taking eight ships of the desert back to their roots, trekking across Australia from north to south.
Noise: Snapshot Asia
Sara Chong is an animator from Singapore.
Martindale Hall
Martindale Hall was built in eighteen seventy nine for a twenty one year old sheep farmer, Edmund Bowman Junior, and was designed as a home for entertainment and sporting activities. Located in Mintaro, in the picturesque wine region of the Clare Valley. It is in near original condition, including furniture and fittings. This is the story of fascinating history of great tragedy and amazing success.
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